Secure DC: Bowser-Pinto Plan Will Not Make DC Safer

Bowser and Pinto

Instead of solutions, Mayor Bowser’s proposed plan is full of cuts to vital social services:

  • CUTS – SNAP (i.e. food stamps)
  • CUTS – Domestic violence support
  • CUTS – Homeless prevention and eviction support
  • CUTS – Emergency rental assistance
  • CUTS – Transitional support from shelter to housing programs
  • CUTS – Youth re-entry diversion programs

These cuts will not IMPROVE safety.


While the majority of DC voters acknowledge that there is an issue with increasing safety concerns in Washington, DC, they DO NOT support the provisions the DC City Council is pushing as their response to safety.

The next hearing is March 5th. Contact your councilmember now.

Secure DC Overview

When it comes to SecureDC, the devil is in the details. But YOUR voice has an impact.

See the latest from the proposed legislation from Mayor Bowser and Councilwoman Pinto, which still doesn't address all of the concerns (like the fact that it will still criminalize gatherings of two or more people).

We need to do something about crime, but these aren't solutions.⁠ Tell your Councilperson that you do not support this legislation.⁠

Deep Dive: Drug Free Zones

SecureDC's "drug free zone" provisions will allow the police to arrest people they think might engage in any activity they believe are likely associated with "drug-dealing.

It is such a far-reaching proposal that infringes on people's constitutional rights that it was already overturned by a previous DC City Council. Mayor Bowser and Councilwoman Pinto are trying to bring it back.

Contact your councilmember before the next hearing on March 5th.

Deep Dive: CORE Report

The DC City Council’s own Office of Racial Equity reviewed that the key provisions of SecureDC are not evidence-based and will not reduce crime.

The next hearing is March 5th, and your voice has impact. Contact your councilmember.

Deep Dive: Face Coverings

SecureDC criminalizes face coverings and allows the police to arrest people they believe “intend” to commit a crime.

The narrative from Mayor Bowser and Councilwoman Pinto is that this is a “ski-mask” ban, but it is not. The phrase “ski-mask" appears nowhere in SecureDC. This bill will criminalize hoodies, scarves, hijabs, bandanas,and any other face covering that the police want.

The next hearing is Tuesday, March 5th. Be heard. Contact your council person now.


Face Coverings Criminalized

ANY items worn that cover most of the face are now criminalized, with detention or arrest as the penalty. This includes, but is not limited to hoodies, bandanas, and hijabs. The police will be the sole deciders of which face coverings are allowable.


Fear Is Now Cause For Arrest

Anyone wearing any item that covers most of the face who “causes” another person to feel “afraid” can now be arrested regardless of the person’s actions.


Gatherings of 2+ People Criminalized

The police can now designate any neighborhood as high-risk, allowing them to arrest innocent people for gathering in groups of 2 or more. If police suspect they might commit a crime, they can be fined or imprisoned.

Police Badge

Active Duty Status of Officers Is Now Secret

The public will no longer be able to know if an officer who was found to have engaged in misconduct is still on active duty or not.

Police Car

Killing Car Chase Suspects Now Legal

Police can now kill suspects during car chases, a practice that is currently banned. The police will become the sole decision-maker about life and death — regardless of guilt or innocence.


“Show Your Papers” Metro Law

The police will now be able to immediately arrest anyone suspected of misconduct while riding the Metro who refuses to share their name and home address. For instance, if a plainclothes officer demanded your address on the Metro, not telling them could now lead to arrest.

Body Cam

Body Camera Restrictions Removed

The plan will overturn current policy that prohibits the police from viewing their own body camera footage before they write statements. This has nothing to do with lowering the crime rate.


Discarding a Gun Will Become a Crime

You illegally possess a gun, which is already a crime, the moment that you drop the gun or put the bullets down, you’ve committed two more additional crimes! So, if you keep holding the gun you’ll get shot by the police and if you drop the gun, you’re now getting a longer sentence.

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